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Dan Ariely ponders what makes a good gift?

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The reason it is posted here, as we shall see, is the answers touch on my job as the leader of a Family Office. According to Dan, what makes a good gift places emphasis on real value, not so much on price. I often say, “The most valuable things in Life cannot be taken away.” For example, Dan writes, “Good gifts should be experiences and not things. Good gifts should […]

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Dynastic Gamesmanship: Did David Rockefeller’s Crafty Trust Work Leave the IRS Holding the Bag?

“Among the UHNW set it’s considered de rigueur that Trust’s protect the Grantor’s assets for up to three generations. The estate of John D. Rockefeller, the world’s first billionaire, is preparing to rewrite the rules much to the chagrin of the IRS. The advisors that first set up the Rockefeller Trust in the 1930s are credited with paving the way for GST and other types of Trust’s that have kept […]

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