Our Team

Our Team

At Lakeside Virtual Family Office, the clients’ interests and needs always come first.

By having all our advisors working together as a team, they are able to share information with one another as they analyze and plan how to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients’ financial and lifestyle objectives.

Why is this important?  At other firms, a trusted advisor and a CPA many not be able to agree on a singular approach to resolve a specific issue for a client and this can create costly outcomes for clients due to the lack of a cohesive game plan.

By using a teamwork approach of intellectual sharing, a trust attorney and a CPA were recently able to save our client $10 million dollars. Had they not been working together, that opportunity may have been entirely missed.

At LVFO, our strategy is to actively review and assess each client’s needs on a systematic basis to ensure that we are meeting the objectives of each family. Decisions are reached only after the advisors consult with one another, whether it is to ensure adjustments are met or to proactively suggest better strategies.

LVFO is a dream come true: a place where the clients’ interests always come first.

We put an experienced team out in front to seek out tax advantages, private wealth management, and alternative investments. Our focus is on providing less correlation, more Alpha, and a personal touch. At LVFO, our goal is to find what our clients need before they know they need it.

LVFO is here to provide a balance for all of our families’ personal, material, business and financial objectives.

Contact us today to discuss whether LVFO is suitable to meet your specific needs and goals.