Lakeside Virtual Family Office (LVFO) is an investment practice comprised of a virtual team of prominent and experienced advisors who coordinate private wealth management, estate planning, and succession plans for a select clientele of ultra, high -net-worth individuals and families. Similar to a financial concierge service, LVFO bundles many valuable services under the same roof to provide the expertise and the availability to accommodate our clients’ various needs including, but not limited to: estate planning, tax planning, investment management, philanthropy, art and wine collection management— even the family vacation compound..

Because we limit our services to working with just a handful of select clientele, LVFO does not ‘push products’ on our clients. Instead, we focus on providing a team-oriented approach through the expertise of several, highly-qualified advisors to address any needs or goals that clients may have.

By serving in a non-biased advisory capacity to family group members, LVFO is able to provide resolution for conflict that might otherwise arise between members resulting in positive, harmonious communications for all involved. As the Wall Street Journal reported in “Financial Advice, Served Rare” online article on Family Offices, having better communication and conflict resolution between generations, along with updates and education for family members, a family’s wealth can be better protected and preserved.

What is a Family Office?

Family Offices are private firms with specific financial expertise to manage a wide range of needs/services for individuals that are a part of high-net-worth families.

There are three types of Family Offices:

  1. Single Family Offices (SFO) are located in a central office. Clients have a minimum net worth of $100 million.
  2. Multi Family Offices (MFO) service a number of ultra, high net worth families out of one office. Clients have a minimum net worth of $25 million.
  3. Virtual Family Offices (VFO) work from a central office, as well as remote locations around the world. Clients have a minimum net worth of $25 million.

LVFO seeks to provide more flexibility and liquidity to our clients than the average MFO.