Investment Firm Offers Ground-breaking Technology in Bid For Construction of California Desalination Plant

As the State of California begins planning to build as many as fifteen new R/O desalination plants, a consortium of engineering and development experts believes they have a solution for building more energy efficient R/O plants than the current benchmark, a $1 billion Public Private Partnership (P3) plant in Carlsbad, the largest ever built in the Western Hemisphere.

Richard Gayton of Lakeside Virtual Family Offices organized the consortium by retaining Scott Wilcox of Scorpion Computer Services, a think tank of geniuses, to determine the feasibility of building a more energy-efficient plant. Gayton then asked Grapevine Advisors (GVA), with experience in P3s, and headed by long-time construction leader James Acevedo, to add some design ideas to the project. Scorpion’s research concluded that by using new membrane technology they could decrease the cost of water treatment at Carlsbad by 9% to 18%, which corresponds to decreasing the current cost from $1.75/m³ down to 1.43-1.59 $/m³. GVA offers additional alternative energy sources and techniques that, if applied to the final design, could result in even greater savings.

The state is of two minds- Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion water bond measure approved by voters in 2014, allocates $100 million to help local water agencies build desalination plants. Meanwhile, the environmental regulations and opposition remain a formidable opponent to current designs (Read more here: This coming November 2016, Californians may be able to vote on a ballot measure that would divert funds from Governor Brown’s high-speed rail project (estimated cost of nearly $70 billion) towards new water storage facilities to alleviate California’s periodic droughts.

Richard Gayton says, “Most people in California think Reverse Osmosis desalination plants are energy and environmental issues. Safe drinking water is a worldwide health issue. For instance, most human illness comes from water-borne pathogens. We must consider conservation, alternative energy, and modernizing desalination plants as a wholistic approach to address a serious global issue.”

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