Lakeside VFO Board of Advisors

Jeff Balash- GFO Summit Speaker

Jeff Balash

Jeff is a partner at Wirthlin-Dentons, a multinational strategy, financial advisory and crisis management firm. WD is unique, because it has no conflicts of interest, since it has neither capital markets activities nor any proprietary trading. WD’s partners enjoy diverse backgrounds which result in highly inventive solutions. Examples include the former Minister of Information and Media for the Russian Federation, the former General Manager of Mergers and Acquisitions at Itochu Corporation, and the Economic Development Minister for the German State of Saarland.

GFO Summit Speaker- Mark Patrick

Mark Patrick

Mark serves as CEO of Patrick Partners, LLC as well as President of the Patrick Petroleum Companies. He has over 28 years of experience in management, development, operations, production acquisitions and divestitures, negotiations, finance and deal structure.

He has worked in basins in California for Benton Petroleum as a startup oil and gas company, as division Manager(s) in Montana, North Dakota and Texas for PPC operations in the Williston Basin and Permian Basin and as President of Patrick Exploration Company which acquired 3D seismic surveys and drilled and produced wildcat exploration wells in West Texas.

Mark has overseen all operations for the company since inception including the company’s operations in the Mid-Continent basins in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas. Mark has a Business Administration degree in accounting and finance from Albion College.

George Chen-

George Chen

Serial Entrepreneur for last 25 years. Created 15 successful restaurant concepts in the Bay Area and China from Betelnut, Shanghai 1930 to Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse. Worked on Wall Street in the 80’s for several major top-tier investment firms and hence has good investment/finance background.

Longer term goal is the see business solutions for the hospitality industry become a leading mobile application. Other goals include increasing better importation and marketing/branding of great American products to China with emphasis on top food and beverages. George would also like to improve transparency and representation in international trade and commerce, especially in China.

Specialties: Hospitality Ideas Man…have seen trends and fashions long before it becomes vogue. Culinary ambassador for bringing cultures of the East and West closer together. Deal-making, marketing and PR are also strong suits. Seasoned China player in multi-level hospitality industries. 10 years in-country operating experience.

China Live, George’s latest mega-project is now fully under development in the heart of San Francisco. This will should become an iconic ground-breaking F&B center for everything of Greater China. The scheduled opening is Summer 2015. See


Barry Boscoe

Since 1972, Barry Boscoe has assisted individuals in creating and preserving their wealth. As the president of Brighton Advisory Group, a diversified financial services organization based in Southern California, Barry works closely with individuals and privately held corporations in areas such as succession planning, benefits planning, tax reduction strategies risk management, tax efficient retirement strategies and asset protection planning.

  • Specialties: Estate Liquidity; to pay estate taxes at death.
  • Retirement: to provide enough assets to enjoy life after working.
  • Business Succession: to make sure your business continues as you would like.
  • Risk Management: to help guard against the unknowns of life.
  • Tax Reduction: to help reduce current income and estate taxes.
  • Asset Protection: to protect you from the ravages of litigation and chance.

Rik D. Middleton- GFO Summit Moderator

Rik D. Middleton

Rik is a serial entrepreneur and the author of several books. His interest in internet-based digital marketing began as a self-promotion for his book, “Don’t Look At Me In That Tone Of Voice.” (Click here for more information on his book.) As a result, Marketing and Advertising ended up becoming his life and career.

Rik is the co-founder of sageCADRE Marketing, Inc., a leader in creative digital marketing, campaign development and execution. Focus is on measurement, accomplishment, and ingenuity.

Rik is fast becoming the foremost authority in driving sales through online digital marketing. While he’s best known for his expertise in marketing, his clients share that his biggest strength comes from his ability to make complex issues seem simple and understandable to even the newest novice to internet marketing.

sageCADRE uses its extensive knowledge of today’s online marketing tools to exploit their client’s position in the market. sageCADRE Marketing has a take-no-prisoners philosophy when it comes to business and getting the most for their clients.

Rik feeds his passion for teaching as a visiting lecturer at both the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Southern California (USC). In this role Rik shares real world experience and insights as an entrepreneur with students in the School of Business, Entrepreneurial Studies.