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When Grandparents & 529 Plans for College Savings Clash

As more and more grandparents are opening savings accounts to fund their grandchildren’s future schooling, it has become a growing issue that it can hurt their chances of ever receiving financial aid. In a 529 savings plan, after-tax contributions grow tax-free and earnings can be withdrawn without a tax hit– as long as they are used to pay for qualified college expenses such as tuition or room and board. To […]

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Executing Deals in an Era of 11x Multiples

Here is a great article from Richard Wilson on executing high multiple deals. Our team closed on an acquisition last week, and while this happened to be a distressed IP deal, a recent report on global mergers and acquisitions valuation predicts that valuations are expected to surpass 11 times EBITDA on average. Buyers, from newly raised private equity funds to corporations holding too much cash, have helped form a very […]

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