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Asset Allocation- Liquid- 75%, Illiquid- 25%. Here’s why.

Why does Lakeside Virtual Family Office, LLC recommend 75 percent of client assets be allocated to liquid investments, and 25 percent to illiquid investments? At least three reasons. One, most Family Office’s (FOs) focus on illiquid assets by necessity. For instance, let’s consider that the family net worth is tied up in a private business. If the business is unusually successful, it could beat the expected long-term average rate of […]

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The Era of Real Estate Illiquidity

by A. Yoni Miller The silver lining of the economic recession is that it has fostered a generation who has witnessed firsthand, the repercussions of owning an illiquid asset in financial turmoil. This has spurred a psychological imprint that will shape their investment standards for years to come. The financial meltdown has removed the false hope from the hearts of commercial real estate investors seeking endless growth, and has forced […]

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