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Can you get rich investing in Uber?

The company is privately owned by a relatively small number of investors. Besides the Co-Founders, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, most of real money invested in Uber came from Angels, VC’s, Broker Dealers and about $3.5 billion from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (…). Unless you are among those types of investor’s you can’t invest in Uber, much less get rich. The real question is when and if Uber goes […]

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Asset Allocation- Liquid- 75%, Illiquid- 25%. Here’s why.

Why does Lakeside Virtual Family Office, LLC recommend 75 percent of client assets be allocated to liquid investments, and 25 percent to illiquid investments? At least three reasons. One, most Family Office’s (FOs) focus on illiquid assets by necessity. For instance, let’s consider that the family net worth is tied up in a private business. If the business is unusually successful, it could beat the expected long-term average rate of […]

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Why Investing Should Be Boring

I found Tom Beevers’s perspective on Investing versus Trading right on point. In this world of constant news flow and rapid access to financial data, it’s easy to forget the difference between investing and trading. Many amateurs (and most professionals for that matter) seem to confuse the two concepts, engaging in a strange hybrid of the two philosophies. “Trading and investing are based on two very different philosophies. Investors purchase […]

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