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Why Investing Should Be Boring

I found Tom Beevers’s perspective on Investing versus Trading right on point. In this world of constant news flow and rapid access to financial data, it’s easy to forget the difference between investing and trading. Many amateurs (and most professionals for that matter) seem to confuse the two concepts, engaging in a strange hybrid of the two philosophies. “Trading and investing are based on two very different philosophies. Investors purchase […]

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Rise of the Independent Sponsor

As has been reported many times in recent years, endowments, pensions, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and other large investors are working outside the typical private equity structure. In order to have greater discretion over the deals they allocate to and to avoid traditional fees, these investors are more and more looking to place capital via co-investments, direct investments, and club deals with other institutional investors. By no coincidence, independent sponsors, […]

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